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Hi I’m Lynda Murphy, my company Paperspaces Architectural Design Ltd is based in Millwater, where we create documentation to turn your dreams and ideas into your fantastic new home.

Our teenage boys play both play football at Hibiscus Coast at Youth Level, and have done so since they were 6. I’ve increased my involvement over the last few years by joining the Junior Committee and Grade Co-ordinator- which is a great way to help out.

We’ve lived on the coast for over 20 years and have been involved in a number of local community groups, we have an interest in the shared built environment and how it can be best enjoyed by all, and enjoy being part of the process. I also play Badminton and enjoy the Millwater Parkrun.

I was at a sponsors meeting when Rob came up with the idea and had been considering a

networking type group, I wasn’t sure it was for me, but have found that as an owner of a

small business it’s good to have a different perspective on your business and how things are

done by others. Being involved in the BNG has improved the way we do business for us and

our customers

It’s great that the admin costs of running the group were not going to an organisation but to

the Club, and that we could self-manage the group – ie. design our own rules and make sure

there were marketing benefits so we were getting Sponsorship with Results. I’ve meet with a number of other members and now have some additional work leads. I can see it leading to many others as the right time comes along (Most people don’t build a new home every month, so ours is a long term game)

We can give advice about a project you’d like to undertake before you start, sometimes there

is a few snippets of information we can pass on that can help influence whether your idea is

a good one or not. We can do schemes for new homes or renovations, leading all the way

through to a building consent. If you are not sure- give us a call.

The building industry may be busy right now, but it makes good business sense to plan

ahead- that’s what joining the BNG has done for us, given us an alternative direction and

revenue stream into a new group of people. Joining has absolutely been a great benefit.

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