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Chris Broadbent is our man for business people management. HR is a tricky field so if you need some support give Chris a call, he'd be happy to hear from you.

HR/human resources is about the management of people in the workplace

whether you employ 1, 100, 1000 people, you are ‘doing’ HR. Hiring, firing, training, safety, pay, perks and car parks - all HR. But are you doing it well?

People like yourselves probably didn’t go into business to create employment - hiring people is a product of your idea/service/dream.

People are usually one of the biggest costs of an organisation and may be the biggest source of your competitive advantage. You need people to make things, provide services, serve customers….BUT People are messy; our lives are messy; our behaviour is messy - this translates to the workplace, and becomes the organisations problem!

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