Need Finance? We are your Gold Sponsor!

Hi all, Philip & Moira Markwick here, owners of the MTF Finance Silverdale

franchise, one of your GOLD sponsors. We operate as a family business here on the

coast with our daughter Susan and her husband Greg working in the business along

with Stacey our other staff member.

We view sponsorship as a way of actively connecting with something we and our

customers care about, which is reflected in our various sponsorships, including your

club and membership of the HBCAFC Business Network Group (BNG).

We realise that borrowing money can be seen as a daunting prospect. However, at

MTF Silverdale, we will always help to address your concerns through empathy,

getting to understand your needs, whilst treating you with respect.

As responsible lenders within our community we will never look to complete a loan

for that new car, truck or boat etc (either for personal or business needs) if we feel it

will extend your finances too much. We do this by sitting down with you and

discussing your needs along with your monthly income and expenses, which then

places you as a responsible borrower. By completing a financial budget together we

find it helps the borrower(s) to feel comfortable with their financial position and

desired purchase. We will always be honest with you and provide guidance where


We offer a confidential, no cost-no obligation, process to check your affordability and

credit rating. Did you know that your individual credit rating helps determine your

personal interest rate? We give you the option (if you want) to view and discuss your

personal credit check, as often people have never seen a credit check.

This overall process also helps you to get pre-approved for finance prior to looking

for your new purchase. Then as a cash buyer you are often able to negotiate a

cheaper purchase price.

If you’re passing please pop in and say hi. If you do decide to take out a loan with

MTF Silverdale we will donate $100 (anonymously if you prefer) to club funds to help

HBCAFC achieve more for their members.

We’re here to help you “Borrow Smart” and realise your dreams today!

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