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Hi to all you Hibiscus Coast Football crew. I am the Clubs ‘Business Network Groups’ Mortgage Adviser. I live in Red Beach and coach a 12 Grade boys’ team that my son plays in.

Right, I better take this opportunity to do some sort of sales pitch; I have been Lending for over 17 years, and my main ‘Point of Difference’ is I am one of very few Mortgage Advisers in the country that have access to all the major Banks; BNZ, Kiwibank, TSB, ASB, ANZ & Westpac, SBS, Co-op, not to mention the other smaller lenders, therefore can ensure I get the best possible package for my clients. Having all the Banks onboard has major advantages with the differences between Bank’s criteria. My advice is free as I get remunerated directly by the Banks.

I thought I would also make comment on why I am a member of the Clubs ‘Business Network

Group’; it is common for a self-employed person like myself to be a member of a Network

Group, and I could be a member of any group, but when I heard about the Clubs Business

Network Group and jumped at the chance to be involved, for the simple fact that the Group has the opportunity to financially support the club. It is genuinely a satisfying feeling splitting off a portion of my income to the Club (for business generated from the Business Network Group, or any Club members and their family or friends).

Two main benefits in using a Mortgage Adviser; first because all Banks have slightly different

criteria then I can ensure you get the best approval (however that may look to an individual), but also I negotiate interest rates with the Bank(s) on your behalf. I negotiate interest rates daily so know when the Bank’s offer is in fact their best offer.

In closing, if you know of anyone looking to do any of the following, why not herd them in my

direction as it will benefits the club (I might even provide a friendly service):

I can help with…

• Purchasing a Home, or Investment Property, or Business

• Building a new home

• Refinancing – Fixed Rate Loan might be due to expire in the next few months and want

to ensure you get the best Interest Rates/Cash Contribution

• Maybe had a ‘Decline’ from your existing Bank (possibly due

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