Better Nutrition with Anna Sloan

Hi, I’m Anna Sloan from Nutrition Connection. I’ve been a dietitian for 18 years and

still am passionate about helping people understand how evidenced based nutrition

can help you achieve your health goals. I have extensive experience in all lifestages

of nutrition, and having worked both in NZ and overseas, I also have a wide range of

medical experience as well as additional training in cognitive behavioural therapy

(CBT). I used to regularly be on TV shows including Activate, What’s Really In Your

Food and various TV1 and 3 News items.

My two boys are currently at the club, in the 7 th and 9 th grade, and as an active family

we also enjoy surf club and being at the beach in the summer months.

When I was registering the boys this year, I saw the Business Network Group

information and thought this could be a way to market my business to a range of

people where nutrition makes a real difference.

The convincing factor for me to join the Club’s Business Network Group was

that it is an active group that “walks the talk”. The wide range of businesses

associated with it makes it interesting and dynamic and there are real marketing

benefits so it feels like Sponsorship with Results.

Workwise I cover everything, with specialist knowledge in allergies, gut issues,

complex medical conditions and children’s health and development including

adolescent performance nutrition and fussy/sensory restrictive eating. So whatever

your need, I really can help you connect to better eating.

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