Accounting Made Easy for our HBC Community

Hi, I’m Fleur from The Accountant NZ Limited, your local small business and rental investment accountant.

I have lived on the Hibiscus Coast for over 30 years and during my younger years spent much time at the HBC Football Club. I did my OE and qualified as a Chartered Accountant whilst working in London. I lived and worked across Europe before travelling extensively through Europe, the Middle East and Africa. I returned to the Coast around 10 years ago and enjoy the local beach lifestyle and playing touch rugby in the summer months.

My son, Theo, is a keen footballer and has recently started playing at the club on Saturday mornings. Theo was player of the day last week which made his whole world light up.

With Theos excitement about football, coupled with the start of my accounting business and a desire to give something back to the local community, it made sense to become one of the club’s sponsors. Through this sponsorship I have also become involved with the BNG.

I always try to shop local and I love the idea of local businesses supporting local businesses. The HBCBNG's diversity of businesses and focus on referrals vastly widens my business network and can provide inroads into industries that may otherwise have remained untapped. For sure, this is a way of achieving sponsorship with results.

When you are a sole practitioner your business networks are extremely important as the members become your extended team, providing opportunities to sense check logic and to bounce ideas off. Most small business owners are busy during the day working and running their business and they value the flexibility I can offer through meeting outside of normal office hours and on weekends.

Because I work from home, you won’t find any suits and ties here, the more relaxed environment makes many people more comfortable and open, which is important when it comes to understanding their business and providing relevant and useful advice.

You don’t know what you don’t know, and quite often the first consultation is a learning experience for the client. Many people don’t understand their exposure to things like Fringe Benefit Tax and the rules around claiming entertainment expenses. Whilst its important to make sure financial and tax obligations are managed effectively, it’s also important to know that if you do get it wrong, there are

ways of putting it right.

The Accountant NZ Limited

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